Concept Options

After we’ve listened to your needs and dreams, we’re ready to start designing. And what we do when we design is drawn. As we sketch we’ll explore various ways your home could be organized and positioned on its site. Many of these concepts won’t be a perfect fit, but some of them will show promise and those we will develop into a series of Concept Options that we will present to you.

Even when there is an obvious solution to your particular design problem, we’ve found that exploring alternate approaches often informs and improves that initial design. What is more, visualizing something that doesn’t exist can be difficult. Having a series of tangible alternatives to think about and discuss provides everyone with a vocabulary to discuss what works and what doesn’t.

To move onto the next phase, a single design direction will need to be identified. Usually, a single option will reveal itself to be the preferred direction although sometimes a hybrid of multiple schemes will be combined to create a fourth “Frankenstein” option.